Soupe à L’Oignon Gratinée 7.80

  • Cheesy french onion soup

Frisée Aux Lardons 8.95

  • Chicory salad with warm bacon, shallot vinaigrette & a softly poached egg

Salade Niçoise 13.95

  • Mesclun, green beans, boiled egg, cucumber, potato, olive & bell pepper served with smoked tuna & marinated anchovies

Foie Gras Poêle 14.95

  • Seared foie gras served with sauteed pear & tawny port sauce & toasted brioche

Escargots 7.95

  • Snails with garlic butter

Pâté De Campagne 6.95

  • Homemade country pâté

Quiche Lorraine 8.50

  • French tart with smoked bacon, cheese and egg

Tarte à L’Oignon 7.95

  • Caramelized onion tart with cheese and eggs

La Soupe Du Jour 6.50

  • Soup of the day

Salade Maison 7.95

  • Mesclun, walnut, grape, tomato, blue cheese & french dressing

Salade D’Endives 8.50

  • Belgian endive tossed with granny smith apples, walnut & roquefort

Salade De Chèvre Chaud 8.95

  • Chicory salad with warm goat cheese & toasted pecans

Salade De Laitue 7.50

  • Bibb salad with onions in a shallot dressing

Gourmandise De Saumon 11.95

  • Salmon tartare wrapped in smoked salmon served with seaweed salad

Petit Gratin de Crabe 10.95

  • Crab Dip served with crispy bread

Bisque De Homard Et Crabe 7.95

  • Creamy lobster soup with crab meat

Saumon Fumé 9.95

  • Smoked salmon with condiments & toasted brioche

Assiette De Fromages 8.95

  • Assortment of french cheeses

Assiette De Charcuterie 13.95

  • Assortment of french cold cuts[/expand]



Moules Au Curry 7.95

  • Red curry mussel soup

Moules Marinières 9.00 / 17.50 

  • Steamed in white wine, shallots, garlic and parsley

Moules à L’Italienne 10.50 / 20.50  

  • Steamed in white wine, pesto, prosciutto, chorizo, bell pepper, and fresh tomatoes

Moules Provençales 9.50 / 17.95 

  • Steamed in white wine, tomato, garlic & herbs

Moules Farçies à La Bourguignonne  7.95

  • Mussels baked with garlic butter and served on the half shell

Moules Poulettes 9.50 / 17.95  

  • Steamed in a creamy white wine sauce

Moules Le Blède 10.50 / 19.95

  • Spicy steamed mussels in white wine with tomatoes, cilantro, harissa, lemon confit, olives, and olive oil

Moules Thai 10.50 / 20.95

  • Steamed mussels in white wine, green curry, basil, eggplant, palm heart and coconut milk

Moules Normandes 10.95 / 20.95

  • Steamed mussels in creamy apple cider sauce with shallots, herbs, apples, bacon and mushrooms

Moules Bruxelloises 9.95 / 17.95  

  • Steamed mussels in beer with shallots, butter, fennel, celery and herbs

Moules Aveyronnaises 11.50 / 21.50  

  • Steamed mussels in a creamy roquefort sauce with wild mushrooms and herbs[/expand]



Croque Monsieur 8.95

  • Classic french sandwich with smoked ham, gruyere and bechamel sauce

Tartine à L’Américain 11.95

  • Classic belgium open-face sandwich with beef tartare

Croque Monsieur Champignon 8.95

  • French sandwich with sauteed portobello, gruyere and bechamel sauce

Tartine Au Fromage de Chèvre 10.95

  • Classic belgium open-face sandwich with goat cheese, tomato and basil[/expand]



Coq Au Vin 18.95

  • Marinated rooster braised in red wine with carrots, baby onions, mushrooms & bacon served with tortellini pasta

Boeuf Bourguignon 18.95

  • Beef stew slow-cooked in red wine with carrots, baby oignons, smoked bacon & tortellini pasta

Colombo De Poulet 18.50

  • French Caribbean Chicken curry served with jasmine rice and grilled pinapple

Cassoulet Toulousain 19.50

  • Cannelloni bean stew with duck confit, sausage, smoked bacon and lamb[/expand]


[expand title=”ENTRÉES {MAIN COURSES}“]

Magret De Canard Et Son Confit De Canard 21.95

  • Roasted Duck breast & Duck leg confit with pearl risotto, wild mushrooms and port wine

Tartare De Boeuf – Frites 16.95

  • Raw, finely chopped beef filet seasoned with spices, egg yolk, capers, mustard, parsley & onions

Travers De Boeuf Et Purée De Pomme De Terre Au Fromage 25.95

  • Braised beef short ribs served with herbs and cheese, potato puree

Médaillon De Porc 19.95

  • Pork fillet wrapped in smoked bacon served with green lentils and thyme sauce

Foie De Veau à L’échalote 17.95

  • Calf liver with caramelized shallots herbed mash and demi-glace

Lapin Aux Pruneaux 22.50

  • Marinated & braised rabbit with wild herbs and plums served with a duo of potato and sweet potato gratin

Poulet Rôti Et Frites 17.95

  • Marinated and baked half chicken served with french fries and chicken jus

Médallion De Boeuf Avec Un Risotto Aux Asperges Et Crevettes 23.95

  • Beef medallions with asparagus and shrimp risotto and served with shallot and red wine sauce

Blanquette De Fruits De Mer 20.95

  • Mussels, shrimp, scallops & salmon in a champagne cream sauce with pilaf rice

Ragout De Chèvre Aux Epices 18.95

  • Braised goat with aromatic herbs served with macaroni and cheese

Pavé De Saumon Au Jus De Langouste 21.95

  • Salmon filet with mash, ratatouille & lobster bisque sauce

Spaguetti Bolognaise 14.95

  • Served with braised ground beef, tomatoes and spices

Végétarien Du Jour 13.95

  • Vegetarian dish of the day[/expand]



T-Bone Steak 28.95

  • Grilled 15 ounce t-bone steak served with peppercorn sauce {choose any side dish}

Côtes D’Agneau et Merguez Grillées Sauce Au Poivre 23.95

  • Duo of marinated lamb chops & grilled merguez served with couscous and thyme demi-glace

Onglet Frites Échalotes Au Vin 20.95

  • Hanger steak with shallot & red wine sauce served with french fries

Truite Grillée Riz Dieppoise Vin Blanc 19.95

  • Grilled trout with white wine sauce served with dieppoise pilaf rice, shrimp, mussels, mushroom

Steak Frites Sauce Béarnaise 17.75 

  • Grilled steak with bearnaise sauce served with french fries

Brochettes de Fruits de Mer 21.95

  • Marinated & grilled shrimp, scallops, salmon on a skewer served with pillaf rice and champagne cream sauce

Filet De Boeuf Sauce Béarnaise 23.95

  • Beef filet with french fries and bearnaise sauce[/expand]


[expand title=”{SIDE DISHES}“]

  • French Fries 4.95
  • Ratatouille 3.95
  • Potato Gratin 4.95
  • Spinach & Cream 4.95
  • Mashed Potato 3.95
  • Green Beans 4.95
  • Rice Pilaf 3.50
  • Mushroom & Parsley 4.95
  • Sweet Peas 4.50
  • Sauteed Carrots 3.95
  • Macaroni & Cheese 4.95

Sauces 3.50  { Each }

  • Béarnaise
  • Shallot Red Wine
  • Port Wine
  • Peppercorn[/expand]